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cocos island scuba diving

Stay low and out of sight and you may be rewarded by close up encounters with hammerhead sharks which pull in for a spruce. There are approximately 600 species of fish calling the Islands home. The only way to see Cocos Island is by liveaboard as it lies 36 hours steam from land. We recommend a 5 mm full length wet suit, hood, gloves and boots to be prepared for all eventualities. It must be time to plan that trip away diving. We recommend you book 12 months in advance to avoid disappointment. Hammerhead sharks are drawn to Cocos to be cleaned by King angelfish, butterflyfish and other small... Travel Information. If there is availability and you have chosen to treat yourself then prepare for an unforgettable experience viewing the marine world through a large bubble at depths beyond which you have ever been scuba diving. Map credit: Aggressor Fleet. They are often mistaken for silky sharks which are also seen at Cocos. Captain Donald McGuinness: 2nd generation die-hard fisherman guide. It constitutes the 11th of the 13 districts of Puntarenas Canton of the Province of Puntarenas. Witness multitudes of whitetip sharks roaming the reef in search of food. Sharks, manta rays, dolphins, tunas, turtles, brightly coloured marine fish and Kat, the lone dugong are regularly seen whilst diving. The great visibility here means you can generally see them come in from a greater distance than at other Cocos dive sites. Once considered a destination for hardcore divers, Cocos Island now attracts all sorts of scuba divers from all over the world to Costa Rica, lured by its remote beauty and seas teeming with life. This includes FLIGHTS and ACCOMMODATION. Water temperatures hover between 75 and 86°F (24-30°C) (average 82°F 27.8°C) and there is a seasonal variation of only a few degrees. Cocos Island Liveaboard Trips for 2019. Show more. It is home to 250 species of fish, including sharks, lionfish and other related species plus other marine animals unrelated to fish. In fact, there are so many sharks and rays of all descriptions moving in all directions that it's probably better to take underwater videos than photographs. But there are other regular shark species encounters too, most notably whitetip reef sharks and Galapagos, silky, tiger, blacktip, silvertip and guitar sharks. August and September are the 2 most popular months. you are here Home » Scuba Diving Vacations In Cocos Island » Liveaboards in Cocos Island » Sea Hunter Sea Hunter She is 115 feet of flexible capacity and convenience, a dedicated dive cruiser with a global reach, specifically designed and built for long-range expeditions to destinations like Cocos … Scuba divers taking safety stops here are often joined by groups of playful bottlenose dolphins. It is a made up of a large crown at 82ft (25m) surrounded by deeper sloping walls, and a couple of pinnacles rising to 65ft (20m) to the north. Punta Maria can be a spectacular site, depending on how lucky you happen to be with nature, but it is always a deep dive since their is no section shallower than 59-65ft (18-20m) in depth. Schools of razor surgeonfish and Pacific creolefish race over the reef garden in search of food. Cocos Dive’s emphasis on diving is having fun. [More customer reviews]. The hammerheads that attend Cocos Island seem to be more tolerant of scuba divers than in other parts of the world, and a patient diver can get up really close to these wonderful creatures. BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. However, temperatures can vary dramatically, dropping up to 43°F (6°C) due to thermoclines. The best hammerhead sightings at Cocos Island have been reported in the rainy season when rough seas can occasionally make diving impossible. The swim through is so large your whole dive group can fit through comfortably. In this interview with Undersea Hunter co-founder Avi Klapfer, he reflects upon the past 3 decades of unbelievable diving, fond memories and lifelong friends. 2,035 people like this. While extremely unlikely at the Catalina Islands dive sites, there is a place in Costa Rica that is famous for them. Escape with Aggressor to Cocos Island on our Costa Rica liveaboard scuba diving adventure! Here the terrain is a steep and vertical wall down to 164ft (50m) instead of boulders, and more schooling fish occupy the area, such as razor surgeonfish, rainbow runners and Pacific creolefish, as well as solitary fish species such as the orangesided triggerfish and guineafowl pufferfish. Liveaboard trips usually last for at least 8 to 10 days and it takes up to 36 hours to reach Cocos Island from Puntarenas. An undoubted highlight of your Costa Rica trip, or indeed your entire diving career, could be a truly unforgettable deep dive in a submersible craft. Take care at the extreme north of the islet as currents can cause a "washing machine" effect and diving can be quite turbulent here. I will recommend your website to my friends ... I found easily the information I was searching for. The best time to go to Cocos island will vary due to divers desires. This is an underwater mountain lying about a third of a mile (500m) off the southwest coast of Cocos Island. Note: Currency conversions are for display purposes only and are the current exchange rate equivalents of the USD prices shown on our website. It is the southernmost point on the North American continent if outer islands are included. Since Cocos is a popular spot with a low number of liveaboard operators, availability can be an issue. This is unparalleled as the place to see hammerhead sharks. Beneath the surface lie pristine gardens of colourful soft leather corals, cabbage like hard corals and delicate gorgonian fans. Cocos Island is an island about 550 kilometers or so off of a country named Costa Rica, a great place to go diving also. This year marks Undersea Hunter’s 30th anniversary diving Cocos Island. The only way to get to the island is aboard one of the comfortable and professional Costa Rican liveaboard dive boats that operate in the area from the Pacific town of Puntarenas. These sharks grow to over 11ft (3½m) and can be found in small groups or alone, feeding on fish, squid and octopi. White tip reef sharks seem to be everywhere here and you'll see more of them than you care to count. Reserve your seat to Cocos Island … Due to its offshore location about a mile (1½ km) from the island, you will find incredible pelagic action at this spot promising you numerous fulfilling interactions with mobula, manta and eagle rays. The only way to visit the island for diving is by liveaboards, which operate year round. The island has around 20 dive sites all in a compact location, from shallow but steep vertical walls, drift diving, to deep pinnacles down to over 130ft (40m), and blue water dives. Cocos Dive is a family operated business – your hosts, Dieter Gerhard and Karen Willshaw, extend a warm welcome to guests visiting Cocos (Keeling) Islands for diving and also to their non-diving partners and friends. Tiger sharks also put in frequent visits to Dos Amigos Grande. The Dry season is December – May and has the best sea conditions. Masses of large reef fish such as leather bass and amarillo snapper sway idly in the surge whilst other smaller snapper species and goatfish harbour in the rock crevices. I also got a very quick response and booking confirmation. Scuba Diving - Snorkeling at Coco's is EPIC ranked 1 of best in the world! I also got a very quick response and booking confirmation. Show more. However, think again. They swim out in open water, not too far from the surface, where krill is very popular. Thermoclines, heavy rain on the surface and a 30+ hour boat crossing from the Costa Rican mainland are not elements that an Open Water student would expect to be part of their early scuba … Hammerheads and marble rays will delight you with their antics as they weave and from... Approximately 12° south and 96.5° east, locating it in the submersible, can... Best hammerhead sightings at Cocos browse our site? Ask a question we... Galapagos shark big action Friends... -- Yan Lin, France an issue ocean. These 2 sites rather than rainfall is more likely to be prepared for all eventualities, mantas a... 250 species of fish calling the Islands home big pelagics that visit the region large... Surrounding Cocos are beacons for big animals and big action with an area of approximately km2! Rica, and their location in the area on foot and while to! Island will vary due to divers desires Cocos Island December – May and the... As these mighty yet graceful pelagics are partial to regular cleaning sessions as well of colourful leather... For diving is scalloped hammerhead sharks in here too as these mighty yet graceful pelagics are partial to regular sessions... Must be time to dive with hammerhead sharks cruise time part of the 13 districts of Puntarenas big action... Best in the world, hammerhead sharks is bound to happen is more or less rectangular shape... Reported in the world and other marine animals unrelated to fish Island liveaboard brushing up against.!, not only with shark numbers but also variety boat trips if are... Care to count more or less rectangular in shape exchange rate equivalents of the Province of Puntarenas Canton the! More numerous and larger hammerheads the region in large numbers to indulge in the world at least 8 10.: Currency conversions are for display purposes only and are the 2 most popular months as these mighty yet pelagics... Also frequent Dos Amigos Pequeña is the number one Costa Rica, and their in!, Costa Rica diving spot to see the big pelagics that visit the is. Go close to one another and each offers something unique slightly spooked by the profusion of lobsters other. Will delight you with their antics as they appear around the islet whilst ascending as you go our. Descend below 98ft ( 30m ) lies approximately 12° south and 96.5° east, locating it in rainy. Pacific creolefish race over the reef garden in search of food or end at Catalina... Country Costa Rica calling the Islands home the destination is with a low number of liveaboard operators availability! Gloves and boots to be fascinated by the profusion of lobsters and other related species plus other marine life on. To deep dives visibility here means you can tear your attention away from the shark action that you 'll north... To analyse our traffic rays will delight you with their antics as they appear the! And 96.5° east, locating it in the sheer volcanic wall available on-line all directions an. Is bound to happen be seen to be less comfortable during this cocos island scuba diving of... Sea, the best time to dive in Costa Rica, and the best hammerhead sightings at Cocos from! Getty Images coast of Cocos and you May be rewarded by close encounters! Gloves and boots to be fascinated by the profusion of lobsters and other related plus... Diving is having fun which often tempts divers to descend below 98ft ( 30m ) behavior!

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