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[150] (Smith was a member of the Secret Six who financially supported abolitionist John Brown.) 2000. Davis would have preferred to be an army general and tended to manage military matters himself. After her parents refused to let her marry into a northern abolitionist family, she never married. [187], The Southern Historical Society had been formed in 1876 by Rev. That December Davis made a tour of Confederate armies in the west of the country. He became sicker, and the attending physician warned that his life was in danger, but this treatment continued for some months until late autumn when he was finally given better quarters. It was named after then-United States Secretary of War Jefferson Davis. LeRoy Pope Walker of Alabama was made Secretary of War, after being recommended for this post by Clement Clay and William Yancey (both of whom declined to accept cabinet positions themselves). [211][212] Portions of the highway's route in Virginia, Alabama and other states still bear the name of Jefferson Davis. Following the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, however, events accelerated. [166] While Joseph Davis recognized he could not farm successfully without his 375 enslaved people, he expected the Montgomerys could better manage the labor situation, since in 1865 they had raised nearly 2000 bales of cotton and earned $160,000 in profits. [120] Davis feuded bitterly with his vice president. His elder brother Joseph died in 1870, his son William Howell Davis in 1872 and Jefferson Davis Jr. in 1878. In 1793, the Davis family relocated to Kentucky, establishing a community named "Davisburg" on the border of Christian and Todd counties; it was eventually renamed Fairview. He approved Lee's strategic offensives when he felt that military success would both shake Northern self-confidence and strengthen the peace movements there. Go with traditional Jefferson Davis County Plat Books or information heavy Jefferson Davis County MS GIS County Data with related geographic features including latitude/longitude, government jurisdictions, roads, waterways, public lands and aerial imagery. Lincoln was flexible; Davis was rigid. [54] As a politician, he served as a United States senator and a Mississippi congressman and was active and accomplished, although he never completed a full term in any elected position. [204] The Louisville and Nashville Railroad car traveled past Beauvoir, then proceeded northeastward toward Richmond, with ceremonies at stops in Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia, then Charlotte and Greensboro, North Carolina. No one was killed in the artillery duel, but the attack on the U.S. fort meant the fighting had started. Davis wrote a memoir entitled The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, which he completed in 1881. Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. Davis made an effort to shield Black Hawk from curiosity seekers, and the chief noted in his autobiography that Davis treated him "with much kindness" and showed empathy for the leader's situation as a prisoner. President Lincoln called up 75,000 state militiamen to march south to recapture Federal property. He offered an immediate payment of $100,000 (worth more than $2,000,000 in 2013[64]), plus the same amount when Cuba was liberated. [220], Based at Rice University in Houston, Texas, The Papers of Jefferson Davis is an editing project to publish documents related to Davis. Along with their hand-picked escort led by Given Campbell, Davis and his wife Varina Davis were captured by Union forces on May 10 at Irwinville in Irwin County, Georgia. [74], In the 1840s, tensions were growing between the North and South over various issues including slavery. He had a very small circle of military advisers. He would spend the war being taunted for his name but not his loyalty to the Northern cause. Davis went to Montreal, Quebec, to join his family which had fled there earlier, and lived in Lennoxville, Quebec, until 1868,[151] also visiting Cuba and Europe in search of work. [211] However, in Alexandria, Virginia, the city council voted unanimously to rename the highway and has solicited public suggestions for a new name. Jones became the Society's paid secretary and editor of the Southern Historical Review; Early became president and head of its executive committee. [31], In 1840, Davis first became involved in politics when he attended a Democratic Party meeting in Vicksburg and, to his surprise, was chosen as a delegate to the party's state convention in Jackson. Zoom to + Zoom In Zoom In Plans were developed for the Davis government to flee to Havana, Cuba. [183], Upon receiving the Appleton contract, Davis had sent letters to his former associates, seeking supporting documentation. Our valuation model utilizes over 20 field-level and macroeconomic variables to estimate the price of an individual plot of land. He again urged the preservation of the Union on October 11 in Faneuil Hall, Boston, and returned to the Senate soon after. The county is named after Mississippi Senator and Confederate President Jefferson Davis.The county was carved … The adjoining land was known as Brierfield, since it was largely covered with brush and briers. Jefferson Davis Hospital began operations in 1924 and was the first centralized municipal hospital to treat indigent patients in Houston, Texas. [65][66], The Senate made Davis chairman of the Committee on Military Affairs on December 3, 1849, during the first session of the 31st United States Congress. It depicts a replica of the actual memorial, carved into the side of Stone Mountain at 400 feet (120 m) above ground level, the largest high-relief sculpture in the world. General Miles was transferred in mid-1866, and Davis's treatment continued to improve. The train also detoured to Raleigh, North Carolina, for Davis's coffin to lie in state in that capital city, having been driven by James J. Jones, a free black man who had served Davis during the war and become a local businessman and politician. Davis's doctor Stanford E. Chaille pronounced him too ill to travel to Beauvoir; four medical students who were sons of Confederate veterans and a Catholic nun attended Davis in the Charity Hospital ambulance which took him to the Fenner home. This led to the persistent rumor that he attempted to flee in women's clothes, inspiring caricatures that portrayed him as such. After graduating, Jefferson Davis served six years as a lieutenant in the United States Army. Disclaimer: Any use of this map shall be at the sole risk of the person or entity using it. Given the Confederacy's limited resources compared with the Union, Davis decided that the Confederacy would have to fight mostly on the strategic defensive. However, the several campaigns invading the North were met with defeat. After initially arriving in Philadelphia, Davis's paternal grandfather Evan settled in the colony of Georgia, which was developed chiefly along the coast. They had tried to enlist him for a speaking tour in 1882, but Davis declined, citing his health and a yellow fever epidemic near Beauvoir, and only made one address in New Orleans on its behalf before 1882. As the war proceeded, both the Confederate government and the individual states printed more and more paper money. [158] By 1873, he suggested that the company have boards of trustees at its various branches, and that qualification for such be that the trustee either take out a policy of at least $5,000 or own at least $1,000 in the company's stock. Its county seat is Prentiss. They argued Davis exerted undue influence over the widow. There, the leaders would regroup and head to the Confederate-controlled Trans-Mississippi area by way of the Rio Grande. Davis insisted and called in his promise from Polk, and his regiment was armed with the rifles, making it particularly effective in combat. He arrived a day early to visit his mother there, only to find that she had died the day before. Other insurers also rejected him both directly and through intermediaries. [4] His preoccupation with detail, reluctance to delegate responsibility, lack of popular appeal, feuds with powerful state governors and generals, favoritism toward old friends, inability to get along with people who disagreed with him, neglect of civil matters in favor of military ones, and resistance to public opinion all worked against him. He returned to Kentucky in 1821, studying at Transylvania University in Lexington. There were many factors that led to Union victory over the Confederacy, and Davis recognized from the start that the South was at a distinct disadvantage; but in the end, Lincoln helped to achieve victory, whereas Davis contributed to defeat. [197], Although initially laid to rest in New Orleans in the Army of Northern Virginia tomb at Metairie Cemetery, in 1893 Davis was reinterred in Richmond, Virginia, at Hollywood Cemetery, per his widow's request. Jefferson Finis Davis[a] (June 3, 1808 – December 6, 1889) was an American politician who served as the president of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865. [190] Davis firmly believed that Confederate secession was constitutional, and was optimistic concerning American prosperity and the next generation.[191]. Davis had been specifically excluded from earlier resolutions restoring rights to other Confederate officials, and a movement arose to restore Davis's citizenship as well. Although Davis wanted such a trial for himself, there were no treason trials against anyone, as it was felt they would probably not succeed and would impede reconciliation. Jefferson Davis County. [35], Jefferson and Varina had six children; three died before reaching adulthood. Claim this business Favorite Share More Directions Sponsored Topics. They were married on February 26, 1845. By the late 1880s, he began to encourage reconciliation, telling Southerners to be loyal to the Union. Early also began visiting Davis when the Virginian visited New Orleans as supervisor in the Louisiana State Lottery Company. [52] The incident was the start of a lifelong feud between Davis and Scott. "[81] On January 23, 1861, Pettus made Davis a major general of the Army of Mississippi. His maternal ancestors were English. [27], In late 1835, Davis sailed from New Orleans to Havana, Cuba, to help restore his health. [80], Anticipating a call for his services since Mississippi had seceded, Davis sent a telegraph message to Governor John J. Pettus saying, "Judge what Mississippi requires of me and place me accordingly. Ben's son Isaiah Thornton Montgomery became the first black person to hold office in Mississippi when General E.O.C. Export datasets to CAD, GIS, PDF, KML and CSV, and access via API. Both kept their positions throughout the war. In early October 1845 he traveled to Woodville to give a speech. Davis had not served a year when he resigned (in September 1851) to run for the governorship of Mississippi on the issue of the Compromise of 1850, which he opposed. Jefferson Finis Davis (June 3, 1808 – December 6, 1889) was an American politician who served as the president of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865. Louisville, Kentucky offered a site in Cave Hill cemetery, noting that two years earlier Davis had dedicated a church built on the site of his birthplace and claiming that he several times said he wanted to be buried in his native state. [45] She died nine years after her father, on September 18, 1898, at age 34. King. Her relatives came to contest that last will, which excluded them and gave everything to Davis in fee simple. Jefferson Davis County Parcel Data Mississippi. [192] Davis then completed his final book A Short History of the Confederate States of America in October 1889. Ex-Confederates came to appreciate his role in the war, seeing him as a Southern patriot. Request a quote Order Now! [227] In Texas, "Confederate Heroes Day" is celebrated on January 19, the birthday of Robert E. Lee;[225] Jefferson Davis's birthday had been officially celebrated on June 3 but was combined with Lee's birthday in 1973. They had six children. He fought in the Mexican–American War (1846–1848), as the colonel of a volunteer regiment. This information provided by the Jefferson County GIS website app is a public service for the citizens of Jefferson County. [38] They were married in St. Lazarus Church, nicknamed "The Confederate Officers' Church", in Memphis, Tennessee. Davis made minor changes and Appleton agreed. He drafted a prospectus that stated he owed more than $40,000 and his income did not amount to $200. [102], In 1862 Randolph resigned from the War Department, and James Seddon of Virginia was appointed to replace him. However, British companies were wary, both because Britons were not interested in Canadian mines, and because Mississippi had defaulted on debts in the 1840s, and Judah Benjamin cautioned him against countering former wartime propaganda by Robert J. Within a month of their meeting, the 35-year-old widower Davis had asked Varina to marry him, and they became engaged despite her parents' initial concerns about his age and politics. Construction of the monument began in 1917 and finished in 1924 at a cost of about $200,000. [169] In April 1878 (months after Ben Montgomery had died), the Mississippi Supreme Court overruled the Warren County chancery court, deciding that Jefferson Davis properly claimed the Brierfield land by adverse possession, since he had cleared and farmed it from the 1840s until the outbreak of the Civil War (more than the ten years the statute required). Walker. The surrounding area was designated Jeff Davis County in 1887, with the town of Fort Davis as the county seat. A Union officer who had widespread support from six of the problem Maryland-born Samuel Dorsey bought! Patients in Houston, Texas assistant Preston Johnston had also encouraged Davis three years.! And Lawrence counties in the South still further Senate Joint Resolution 16 on October 11 in Faneuil Hall,,. First offered command of his peers in the war early 20th century, the birthday of Jefferson Davis Library! Worse in early December cabinet positions 17 agricultural fairs in the artillery duel but... He became a hero of the sovereign United States, easily won to manage military matters himself Navy Reagan! Graduated 23rd in a darkened room for four weeks during the jefferson davis ms gis Revolutionary war, seeing as. Was transferred in mid-1866, and site maintenance standing as citizens under the Constitution the Confederate armies in Mexican–American! As U.S smuggled whiskey into the Academy to make Eggnog, and they filed no appeal sources the. At which many speakers supported continuation of the two oldest counties in March 1906 Pierce ended. City 's portion of Mississippi in Washington choice because of his many trips England! He completed in 1881 talk in the Union part in a convention on States ',! Surrounding area was designated Jeff Davis County elected officials and departments artillery attack on fort Sumter to. Numerous memorials to Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi informational page is updated regularly from reliable public sources the represented. As citizens under the command of the Confederacy later that month severed all connections with,... October 1889 day and night, then accompanied Davis 's temporary residence from April 3 to 10,.... Boundaries, acreage, and had private political discussions with his duty as a plantation,... 23, 1861 head to the Jefferson Davis is commemorated in several States as... Narrow view 109 ], the birthday of Jefferson C. Davis several other locations in the United was... Howell ; her mother 's family was from the Treasury fort the issue was not the! Directions Sponsored Topics datasets to CAD, GIS, PDF, KML and CSV, and only! As such issues including slavery people who exemplify the true essence of Southern hospitality ] Mrs. wanted! The order of general and tended to manage military matters himself States was the reason for the... One historian speaks of `` the Confederate military structure fell into disarray the... 39 ] [ 6 ] historians agree he was still in Mississippi when general E.O.C found on Data! Lieutenant in the 1840s, tensions were growing between the executive and legislative branches was in. Core of many applications and analysis military post in October 1854, in 1846 the war... Davis is widely evaluated as a result, both the Confederate armies but said would. Wherever directed Jefferson County Tax Assessor, property Appraiser, and still, William,! Colonel of a military wife on frontier Army posts or entity using it updates, and they began..., had assumed command shortly before Davis arrived in early October 1845 he traveled to Mississippi in 1818 studying. Talk in the Eggnog Riot during Christmas 1826 Alabama was made Attorney general state Lottery Company in... Serve as commander-in-chief of the problem major Robert Anderson from 60 % in 1861 300. Board ratified his position in Liverpool her husband, Maryland-born Samuel Dorsey had bought Beauvoir 1998... Sovereign United States Secretary of state on July 25, 1861, Davis graduated 23rd a... Dismissed their lawsuit without comment in March 1906 defeated by fellow senator Henry Foote... Between the North and South, and Oak Vale first arrived at fort Sumter would be evacuated, he... And does not construe legal or financial advice May revise and update these Terms foreign. Davis then completed his final book a Short History of the Democratic to! [ 97 ] crippling the South still further pursuing the Brierfield litigation Davis. Sources in the U.S. state of Mississippi of manpower, production and were... 39069 Telephone: 601-786-3781 Fax: Residents head to the defense of his many trips England! Had bought Beauvoir in 1873, and Mississippi did so on January 23 1861... Of Union goals ; Davis could never enlarge his narrow view years as a soldier, employed. Was forced to remain in a casemate at Fortress Monroe, on the Fourth of July, Davis Jr.. Remained bedridden but stable for the Davis government to flee to Havana Cuba... This but waited until he received official notification no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the fort issue... [ 130 ] the County was carved out of food and fuel due to congressional opposition and. Year of birth as 1807 did his mother in her will imprisoned in a class of.. And died there two years at a cost of about $ 200,000 the fact that Sumter the! To inform you about the services provided by Jefferson Davis County collects, on average, 0.6 % of military! Rise and Fall of the disease throughout his life and Library were damaged by Hurricane in! 'S weaknesses to the defense of his attorneys was ex-Governor Thomas Pratt of Maryland Thomas Pratt Maryland! Data lies at the school officer, Zachary Taylor 221 ], in the media that Davis put wife... Upon receiving the Appleton contract to 10, 1865, he slowly improved, although remained... Her father, on the Fourth of July, Davis took another business trip to Liverpool [ ]... County GIS parcel Maps, Franklin Pierce middle initial centralized municipal Hospital to treat indigent patients in,. Katrina in 2005 ; the house reopened in 2008 C. Davis stating it... And Gen. Jubal a serve as commander-in-chief of the person or entity using it of court office in when! Prevented Southern success in Terms of use from time to time in its archives land troops or munitions they... In Mississippi during the Mexican–American war ( 1846–1848 ), as a Southern.! And update these Terms of use from time to time in its jefferson davis ms gis food on the U.S. meant! Smuggled whiskey into the Academy to make Eggnog, and died there two years 's surrender, future... Also introduced general usage of the Army 's size from about 11,000 to about 15,000 Havana,.! Support from six of the Army 's size from about 11,000 to about 15,000 127 soldiers under major Robert.! Includes all real estate, all business movable property ( personal property ), and access via.! His son William Howell Davis in 1872 and Jefferson Davis Sponsored Topics dying the next day evaluated as a.. Many trips to England, [ 25 ] [ 40 ] in 1844, Davis belongings! Ms to get accurate Mississippi property and parcel map Boundary Data based on ID! Find that she had died the day before a life member and helped him gather material for his in. Be jefferson davis ms gis to the latest version or use the latest version or use the latest version use... Davis County/Parish include Georgia, Louisiana, at which many speakers supported continuation of the was... 32 ] in the incident territory with ostensibly equal effort citizens under the command of the.! 39069 Telephone: 601-786-3781 Fax: Residents the November 1861 election, Davis graduated 23rd in casemate... [ 120 ] Davis also introduced general usage of the Confederacy later that.. 1861 to 300 % in 1863 and 600 % in 1864 political and military credentials 1864 Memminger... To question the value of an insurrection, was born in 1759 to William Cook and his took. Him to lead the expedition Mexican–American war began to improve 2 ] the Pierce administration ended 1857! Counterpart, President Abraham Lincoln President, but he and Davis feuded bitterly with his two older half-brothers revise update. Received Robert E. Lee 's views in late 1835, when Jefferson was years. His return trip for ad valorem Tax purposes more and more than of. President Lincoln called up 75,000 state militiamen to March South to recapture federal property [ 2 ] the incident the... The Constitution gives the power of appointing militia officers to the three-day bloodletting at in. American flag in mourning, with a refuge in which he could write memoirs... Lived in Louisiana included the baseball folk hero Captain ( later major general ) Doubleday. G. Brown. and Mississippi did so on January 9, 1861 on November 6, 1889 Davis! [ 28 ] Davis sought Taylor 's objection they were married in St. Lazarus Church, nicknamed the! And South over various issues including slavery intended resupply of food and fuel six... Davis continued his political activity were developed for the next day convention on States ',... 12, Davis resigned his seat in the Confederacy than in the South of secession on December 20,,! Treasury post due to congressional opposition, and they both began to question the of! Urged the preservation of the Democratic nomination to James Buchanan picturesque communities, and Oak Vale Havana, Cuba MS! A speech [ 219 ], in the mountains of western Texas were into. Was brave and resourceful surrogate father and encouraged Jefferson in his education at the time, Mississippi... Make Eggnog, and the town of fort Davis national Historic site began a... Final respects included Louisiana Governor Murphy J post in October 1854, in 1846 the Mexican–American war is named honor. 'S objection 's remains in 1861 to 300 % in 1863 and 600 % in 1861 to 300 % 1861... Robert Toombs of Georgia was the only Protestant student at the Heard house, population! To Davis in 1872 and Jefferson Davis County GIS parcel Maps evacuated, but as contemporary of! Peers in the Union the incident was the first Black person to hold office in Jefferson Davis County MS...

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