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In addition to these, there exists in the interior of the dorsal valve of some genera a variously modified, thin, calcified, ribbon-shaped skeleton for the support of the ciliated arms, and the form of this ribbon serves as one of the chief generic characters of both recent and extinct forms. They are the rise and support of our commerce. CK 1 2300264 I came to support Tom. We offer safety in exchange for the use of your abilities to support our mission. Contributing causes were Philip's support of the Scots and Edward's alliance with the Flemish cities, which were then on bad terms with their French overlord, and the revival of Edward's claim, first made in 1328, to the French crown. 3. ‘The strike was in support of a demand for wage increases of between 106 and 150 percent.’ ‘The strike is in support of a demand for higher salaries to meet the escalating cost of living in Zimbabwe.’ ‘The drivers had been on strike for three weeks in support of their demand for better cartage rates.’ The only serious domestic trouble during Valdemar's reign was the rebellion of the Scanian provinces, which objected to the establishment of a strong monarchy inimical to local pretensions and disturbances, and especially to the heavy taxes and tithes necessary to support the new reign of law and order. When a part of the body has found some projection of the ground which affords it a point of support, the ribs are drawn more closely together, on alternate sides, thereby producing alternate bends of the body. The community center provides care, supervision and encouragement to young people who do not have that kind of support at home. argument Harnack has the support of a considerable number of modern scholars who deny the Ephesian residence of John the apostle. His effective support of this measure vastly increased the popularity of Flaminius with his own order, and secured his second election as consul in the following year (217), shortly after the defeat of T. Shortly before the Restoration he came to England on a highly successful mission to gain for Charles the support of the Presbyterians. Friends are needed for support and for sharing. support in a sentence. High quality example sentences with “appreciate your support” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English 2 Families earning below a cerain amount can claim child support. When writing supporting sentences you should be giving examples, reasons, or descriptions to support your topic sentence. of England; but Conrad's superior ability, and the support of the French crusaders, ultimately carried the day, and in 1192 Richard himself abandoned the pretensions of Guy, and recognized Conrad as king. Mr. Marsh was in a coma and attached to life support machines. His reserve was well placed to move rapidly and promptly in any direction and give support wherever required. Aymer, however, gained the support of the pope; he was on his way back to England when he was overtaken by a fatal illness at Paris. Example sentences with the word support. to make an attempt to reconcile the church with the republic. 0. life-support systems. Sentence Frames to Support Students in Citing Text Evidence. He also gave able support to the nationalistic and anti-slavery factions in the convention. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Examples of Support in a sentence. The Word "Support" in Example Sentences Page 2. has been a huge support. Charles tried to form a party in Italy in support of the pope against the emperor Louis IV. But their rule was troubled by continual wars and insurrections; the support of the Beduin Arabs was imperfectly secured by pensions, which formed a heavy burden on the finances of the state; 1 and in later times the dynasty was weakened by family dissensions. The emperor Charles the Fat took Louis under his protection on the death of Boso in 887; but Provence was in a state of wild disorder, and it was not until 890, when Irmengarde had secured the support of the Bavarian king Arnulf and of Pope Stephen V., that Louis was recognized as king. His income was insufficient for the proper support of his family, and accordingly he had become partner in a banking house in which one of his sons was interested along with other persons. in line, 5th and 3rd Australian in support, 2nd Australian in reserve); and the III. The king was left under interdict personally, but to that he showed himself indifferent, and he had the support of his clergy. "You always have my support," Brady said. Another marked incident of his public life was the support which he gave on one occasion to the Reformer Wycliffe. 3. Lord Glenelg, the colonial minister, had the support of the missionaries in withstanding Wakefield's New Zealand Company, which at length resolved in desperation to send an agent to buy land wholesale in New Zealand and despatch a shipload of settlers thither without official permission. The Lettish Government decided to stop the advance on Dvinsk and Rezhitsa at any cost, as a danger to Latvia's independence, and succeeded in obtaining British and Esthonian support. Dan says he has had further support from his two kids and his mother who with their unwavering support have stood by him. 3. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. emory989 802183 They supported the Allies. In the 17th century the lovers of the new philosophy, the investigators of nature by means of observation and experiment, banded themselves into academies or societies for mutual support and intercourse. In that event, would he be able to carry his party with him in support of his modified programme? "Their support can be won," Ne'Rin said in satisfaction. During this peculiar locomotion the numerous broad shields of the belly are of great advantage, as by means of their free edges the snake is enabled to catch and use as points of support the slightest projections of the ground. How to use support in a sentence. As in the case of similar formations generally, they are endowed with a sensitiveness to touch which enables them to grasp and coil themselves round any suitable object which comes in their way, and thus to support the plant. There were more important things to think about at the moment - like how she was going to support a baby on her meager wages. The mining of each floor is carried on in sections with small working-places which are first driven of moderate height to their full length and width, leaving a back of ore above and pillars of ore between to support the upper portion of the upper layer or floor. Notwithstanding his loyal support of the administration during the struggle, he did not fully approve of its conduct of the war, which he deemed shifting and timid; and it was with great reluctance that he supported Lincoln in 1864 for a second term. A subtopicEvey sentence in your paragraph should support your topic sentence. Different types of sentence do different jobs. : An unusual aspect of Wingate's life was his unwavering support of Zionism nurtured perhaps by his unshakable belief in the Old Testament. has little or nothing in its support. Bavarian Corps with five divisions in front line and about twice that number in support. While the mine workings are small the overlying rocks support themselves of and the full pressure does not come upon the mine Caving p i llars. "You," said d'Alembert to him, "needed no introduction; you have recommended yourself; my support is your due.". The theory has not found general acceptance, but it proved of great value to geological science, owing to the extensive additions to the knowledge of the structure of mountain ranges which its author made in endeavouring to find facts to support it. Rock-filling yields and becomes consolidated under heavy pressure, and therefore does not furnish a rigid support of the overlying strata, but rather a cushion to control and equalize the subsidence. Supporting sentences are the biggest part of a paragraph because they can consist of several sentences. The identification of dogma with revelation remains, with another distinction in support of it, between " material dogmas " (all scriptural or traditional truth) and " formal " or ecclesiastically formulated dogmas. The singer is being paid to endorse the soft drink in a series of commercials. 4. I called in the DC Sector for support as well. Lothair, unable to capture Nuremberg, gained the support of Henry the Proud, the new duke of Bavaria, by giving him his daughter, Gertrude, in marriage, and that of Conrad, count of Zahringen, by granting him the administration of the kingdom of Burgundy, or Arles. Indeed the support of the London Missionary Society has come to devolve almost wholly on Congregationalists, a responsibility recognized by the Union in 1889 and again in 1904. "Bad. Jean, and would accept battle there, in a selected position to the south of the Forest of Soignes, provided he was assured of the support of one of Blucher's corps. With the support of the traders he founded a mission station on the hill overlooking the bay. Thank you for your continuing support. We are building the Internet to connect with each other better, to share information, to collaborate, to offer mutual support, and so on. So each paragraph does not need a topic sentence. CK … In terms of a treaty concluded in 1867 for ten years, renewed in 1877 for a similar period, and continued in 1887 with the proviso that it should be terminable on two years' notice, the finances and the entire government of Waldeck-Pyrmont are managed by Prussia, the little country having found itself unable to support unassisted the military and other burdens involved by its share in the North German Confederation of 1867-187 r and subsequently as a constituent state of the German empire. These pillars are then filled with blast holes which are fired simultaneously, permitting the whole block of ground to the level above to drop. I was conflicted; should I support the love of my life or be more pragmatic? As long as Quinn could place Howie in the past, we'd do everything in our power to support the effort. Rhyn stopped in place. To his insistence in 1860 that the Democratic party should support his claim to the protection of slavery in the territories by the Federal government, the disruption of that party was in large measure due. By November 1687 he had decided that it was hopeless to expect that James would join the league against Louis, and he therefore turned for support to the English opposition. I will stay and support you. (Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. The Turks did not support their client by advancing into Nejd itself, and he and his rivals were left to fight out their battles among themselves. In 1687 James made a bid for the support of the Dissenters by advocating a system of joint toleration for Catholics and Dissenters. Having married as his second wife, (St) Margaret, a sister of Edgar lEtheling, who was a fugitive at his court, he invaded England in 1070 to support the claim of Edgar to the English throne, returning to Scotland with many captives after harrying Northumbria. Support definition: If you support someone or their ideas or aims , you agree with them, and perhaps help... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples If two magnets having moments M, M' are arranged at right angles to each other upon a horizontal support which is free to rotate, their resultant R will set itself in the magnetic meridian. 1855), secretary of the interior, who resigned, gave their support to Palmer and Buckner, the National, or " Sound Money " Democratic nominees. 0. life-support training which is a mandatory professional requirement. Here are some examples. m.) of public land and an additional grant, under the Morrill Act of 1862, of 90,000 acres for the support of a college for agriculture and mechanic arts. Ths construction of the framework of the Japanese roof is such that thc weights all act vertically; there is no thrust on the outer walls and every available point of the interior is used as a means of support. These districts support a large settled population and several considerable towns, of which Bet el Fakih and Zubed in the western and aahej in the southern Tehama, with 4000 to 6000 inhabitants, are the most important. Turenne then laid waste the Palatinate, in order that it should no longer support an army, and fell back over the Rhine, ignoring the reproaches of the elector palatine, who vainly challenged him to a duel. The man muttered a "No, thanks," released his support and continued on his way to the beach across the road. All our historical sources support the view taken above that Edessa, the capital of the kingdom which the Greeks and Romans called Osrhoene, was the earliest seat of Christianity in Mesopotamia and the cradle of Syriac literature. Strategic use of sentence stems, sentence starters or sentence frames can make all the difference. (15) I appeal to all like-minded people to, (27) With close friends in their lives,people develop courage and positive attitudes.Teenagers have the moral, (28) Throughout life, we rely on small groups of people for love, admira-tion, respect, moral, (29) Learning is wealth to the poor, an honour to the rich, an aid to the young, and a, (30) It is not enough to help the feeble up, but to, (9) I appeal to all like-minded people to, (18) The service has become heavily reliant on government, (23) The wall is weak and requires lateral, (29) I'd like to thank you all for your unfailing. Those who support you are few and are being driven into the Everdark forest," Tymkyn replied. The Council split on sanctioning me, and those whose support Jetr swayed for me are sending their armies to battle. At the age of eight he was compelled to leave the school and support himself by work in a linen factory. 1 to no. Damian was the first to show his support by Traveling, taking the messenger with him. The French king therefore found it easy to form a temporary alliance with Russell, Hollis and the opposition leaders, by which they engaged to cripple the king's power of hurting France and to compel him to seek Louis's friendship, - that friendship, however, to be given only on the condition that they in their turn should have Louis's support for their cherished objects. Examples of how to use “in support of” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs Brandon needed her full support, and he was going to get it. When these processes continue for a long time in deep water shut off from free circulation so that it does not become aerated by contact with the atmosphere the water becomes unfit to support the life of fishes, and when the accumulation of putrefying organic matter gives rise to sulphuretted hydrogen as in the Black Sea below 125 fathoms, life, other than bacterial, is impossible. In support of that theory it is pointed out that the average Japanese, man or woman, will recount a death or some other calamity in his own family with a perfectly calm, if not a smiling, face. 2. Athena also gave the Athenians the olive-tree, which was supposed to have sprung from the bare soil of the Acropolis, when smitten by her spear, close to the horse (or spring of water) produced by the trident of Poseidon, to which he appealed in support of his claim to the lordship of Athens. He means this - that he is no mere ecstatic enthusiast or "dervish," whose primary aim is to keep up the warlike spirit of the people, taking for granted that Yahweh is on the people's side, and that he is perfectly free from the taint of selfishness, not having to support himself by his prophesying. In the same year Alexander joined the English barons in their struggle against John, and led an army into England in support of their cause; but on the conclusion of peace after John's death between his youthful son Henry III. This industry was introduced in 1746, and has since prospered in the hands of several wealthy families which are closely connected by intermarriage, and lend each other support. Whether he deceived himself or not, he led President Kruger and the Boers to believe that Germany was prepared to go to almost any length in support of the Transvaal if any opportunity occurred. The state controls professional and technical schools through the regents' examinations of candidates for admission to such schools and to the professions, determines the minimum requirements for admission to college by the regents' academic examinations, maintains the large State Library and the valuable State Museum, and occasionally makes a gift to a college or a university for the support of courses in practical industries; but it maintains no college or university that is composed of a teaching body. to support the tube containing the substance to be experimented upon, and so avoids the objection to the practice of withdrawing the stopper of the tube, dropping the substance in, and reinserting the stopper. Gloucester even contemplated the dethronement of the king, but found that in this matter he could not rely on the support of his associates, one of whom was Henry, earl of Derby, the duke of Lancaster's son.

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